First for 2005

Here we go again, medical imaging goes ipodding, some journals online, teaching resources,google finds it and the oddone out
G’day (or evening as the case may be) one and all
well the new year started off where it left off last year… your’e right it was raining… I think it global watering that’s occuring…. the warming bit must have been a misprint… however, the sites today are all protected from the weather by the Web.
There is an excellent site for those involved in medical imaging and the resources are almost endless and certainly worth exploring, a couple of online journals some useful teaching learning resources and something new from Google. The odd one out …. wait and see
1. Medical imaging takes off with innovative use of the new Apple iPod with images. This innovative use of mobile technology has some interesting implications for education. Other disciplines can benefit from exploiting the potential of such devices. For instance, design and architecture, anatomy and physiology, plant science. The list could be endless…..
Read all about it
from this article access the Osirix application and information on ‘casimage’
2.Activate: The Journal of Technology Rich Learning
This is a different online journal. Extract from the site: “Unlike other journals with a particular publication date, this journal will be updated throughout the “season.” Each new article contains the volume, number, and date for the purpose of citations”
A lot of work has gone into producing some good stuff here, lots of it free to download. Keep exploring the links , they lead to some fascinating resources. The link to REAL(vol 4.4) for instance has a wealth of useful information
3. E-Learning journal
Relatively new with some interesting articles from the first edition to view online.
” E-Learning is a peer-refereed international online-only journal directed towards the study and research of e-learning in its diverse aspects: pedagogical, curricular, sociological, economic, philosophical and political. A Policy statement is available”
4. New Learning Technologies
A Resource Website from across the oceans .You’ll find here some ideas, how-tos, evaluation tools and numerous links with a large variety of resources and examples
5. Helping users use the technology
This site has three sections devoted to providing links , advice and useful resources aimed at guiding and assisting the users of technology in education
Section three states: Help Faculty Learn to Cope with the Hazards of New Approaches to Teaching Before They Get Into Real Trouble
Could be for me…..
6. Desktop Google and Google Scholar
Google keeps turning out new ways to help you search for information. The latest are
Both are well worth exploring
7. The odd one out…?
A really interactive Web site from John Walker in Switzerland that enables you to view and zoom in on a multitude of images of the earth and moon from the earth , sun or moon at any time of the day or night… amazing!
If you get excited by it all and have the time, its well worth accessing John’s home page at Lots of diverse links to all sorts of useful stuff. Some may be interested in ‘Eat Watch’ for the Palm PDA part of his fascinating book ‘The Hackers Diet’ free to download. Don’t know why I am concentrating on this one.. maybe I did have too many christmas mince pies…. oh well, if I use Eat Watch…the PDA will keep me slim 🙂
As the world seems to be going mad on wiki- ing and blogging. I’ve been persuaded that the LTforum might benefit from a blog presence that you can visit if and when you lose the email… keep an eye on this space for updates on this exciting endeavour….
That’s it for now folks, have a happy and prosperous new year:-)

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