Interesting move by the NZ Government to amalgamate all Polytechnics and Industry Training Organisations. The change is to make this part of the education sector more efficient? It also appears to be making the statement that this sector is for purely vocational education and training; not so.

Sadly there are some organisations that are already doing very well under the current system and will definitely be disadvantage being under the control of a central body. The new system is to operate as the NZ National Institute of Skills and Technology (NZ NIST). Maybe it should be ‘NZ NITS‘ as I’m sure we will all be scratching our heads as to why such a ‘catch all’ approach is necessary, which is almost certain to be administered by a cluster of faceless bureaucrats? Hi Ho.

The potatoes are in; the beetroot are growing fast (as is the lawn). Next in line is the beans. Everything else is sprouting, especially the blueberries, so spring is definitely on its way. The 100 metres of hedging is gonna require some attention pretty soon. Wonder who will do that?:-)
If you want a good book to read for the rest of winter, try ‘The Lunar Men’ by Jenny Uglow. Fascinating account of men and women who changed the face of the UK (and probably the world) during the 18th and 19th centuries. Chronicles some of the life and times , friendships and interactions of people like Priestley, Watt, Wedgwood, Stubbs, Hunter brothers, Darwin, Cook, Banks, Boulton and many more now famous names;also some fascinating stuff on  new approaches (for the time) to education.

In this posting there are links to: Supporting Professional development, e-Learning Kit, Action research, Online teaching,Design thinking,Blended learning,Feedback for educators,Education technology methods,Technology supported learning,Organising and running Workshops, Conferences, New Zealand Happenings and the Odd one out

Until October (the eighth month of the Roman year. Always wondered why it was the tenth month.)

1. How to Be a Better Online Teacher: ADVICE GUIDE. This could be the article that inspires you to continue getting better at online teaching. Not a lot new but good to refresh , contemplate and note things that could make difference to ensuring your students have the best environment in which to learn the way they want to.

2. ORGANISING AND RUNNING WORKSHOPS A practical guide for trainers. Very comprehensive, providing clear guidance and direction for those who wish to run effective and efficient workshops.

3.Using the Formative Assessment Rubrics, Reflection and Observation Tools to Support Professional Reflection on Practice (Revised). Extremely comprehensive and detailed document with lots of guides to practice, tips and advice plus examples that could be used in your own practice.

4.Action research for higher education practitioners: A practical guide. Always good to review your approach to Action research. This primer provides some solid foundation and overview.

5.e-Learning kit: Designing for e-learning: Strategies and technologies for transitioning from face-to-face teaching to online environments (#eLkit). I like the idea of a ‘kit’ for eLearning [‘a set of articles or equipment needed for a specific purpose’], almost implies that’s all you need! Interesting approach from McGill University in Canada, with some useful stuff for developing your e-learning initiatives.

6. Methods of Education Technology: Principles, Practice, and Tools
Joy Egbert. A well structured open text book which provides some useful comment, suggestions, explanations and discussion on various approaches to supporting student learning with the use of technology.

7. Blended Learning. From City University, London, UK. There is a wealth of useful information within these pages; you could spend a long time here. Lots of guides, ideas suggestions and common sense. Have a peruse and pick up a few gems here and there.

8. Design Thinking Process and UDL Planning Tool. An interesting and informative outline which could provide you with some useful ideas and direction for your own initiatives.


Really Seeing Each and Every Learner by Dr. Jackie Gerstein

9.The Ultimate Guide to Feedback for Educators
31 research-backed strategies for giving and receiving feedback in skills-based learning. Very comprehensive document on issues and actions associated with feedback mechanisms. A number of references are mentioned throughout the text, unfortunately they don’t link to the actual publications. Minor point. You can always go search 🙂 We need better  and more effective use of Feedback from and to the student and tutor to enhance learning!


10 Richard Wells is a leading educator and advocate of learning supported by technology in New Zealand. He has an international reputation and his work is appreciated by many across all education sectors. This series of infographics might give you some ideas for your own activities. Have a look at his book ‘Learner’s Paradise’ as well. Straightforward, common sense and inspiring.

11. Conferences

11.1 ALT Annual Conference 2019
3–5 September 2019, University of Edinburgh. Getting close. Hope you have registered!

11.2. Ascilite: 36th International Conference on Innovation, Practice and Research in the Use of Educational Technologies in Tertiary Education. In Singapore. Conference information from:

12. New Zealand Happenings

12.1 Scholarship of Technology Enhanced Learning:

The 3rd SoTEL Symposium will be held at AUT University (City Campus) in February on the 19th and 20th, 2020 (Excellent vision shown by the organisers :-))
SECOND call for papers has been announced. Get all the information and any updates from:

SoTEL Symposium 19-20 February 2020

12.2 The next KiwiMUG event will be held on 4 October 2019.
All the information is at


12.3 The Ako Aotearoa Academy of Tertiary Teaching Excellence is proud to present Talking Teaching 2019 – Diverse Learners: Inclusive Teaching, a two day conference on tertiary learning and teaching practice for the whole tertiary sector.
28th- 29th November 2019


13. Odd one out: Ever wondered where the origin of sayings you hear came from and what the real meaning was or still is? This site provides plenty for you to peruse , be amused and amazed at some of the interpretations. Good fun and educational.


October brings more light (at least on this side of the world)


Richard Elliott
The Eternal Macademic
Auckland, New Zealand

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