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The year marches on and at last the weather is getting warmer and there are signs that the huge volume of rain we’ve had in NZ will abate for sunny climes.. some hope. At least I have got some veggies planted and so far it’s 3:1 to the birds and  the crawly creatures where survival is concerned.

Hi Ho, perseverance will win.

Most of the posting in this edition of the Watch is around AI [Artificial Intelligence] and why not?

Its impact in higher education is only just beginning. Apart from AI, JISC features with two excellent resources and  there are links to  free online courses, Research methods. Learning design, Digital transformation and Teaching in a digital age plus Conferences.

Enjoy the journey

1.  Digital transformation in higher education. Another excellent comprehensive and detailed guide produced by an expert practitioners from JISC. Nicely laid out and all aspects clearly explained. Well worth perusing and using.

‘A toolkit to support the development of digital strategies, assessment of digital maturity across the organisation and the creation of actionable roadmaps and plans for implementation’.


2. Beyond Blended.  This report follows the second phase of research into curriculum and learning design in Higher Education (HE) in the UK. It’s another gem from JISC and once again a valuable resource to guide your thinking and action. Focused of course on the UK but the principles and practices  can be applied to any Higher Education facility around the world, such is the usefulness of JISC projects.

Extract from the report: “The overarching purpose of this research is to support people involved in curriculum and learning design in HE institutions including, service and department leaders, senior managers, learning designers and curriculum teams.”


3. Research Methods Handbook.

Authors: Rob Farrow; Francisco Iniesto; Martin Weller; and Rebecca Pitt. 

Released with a Creative Commons attribution and therefore free to download. An excellent publication and resource, well structured, comprehensive and clearly written. Well worth letting your students know abut it.


4. Online study in New Zealand. If you are not aware of the site below, it is well worth exploring. It has a multitude of mostly short courses, many of which are free or for very little cost. Must be a course here for you or perhaps for your students.


5.How to use AI to do practical stuff: A new guide. Definitely topical and a useful overview of a number of AI initiatives


You might want to look at:  ‘How to Use AI to Do Stuff: An Opinionated Guide’, while you are here


I have subscribed to the site as it does keep one up to date on a regular basis on a range of developments in the digital world.

6. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Higher Education from Sam Houston State University.

This guide collects resources on artificial intelligence (AI) in higher education to benefit students, faculty, and staff at SHSU.

A wide range of resources including from other universities.


7.Elements of AI: A free online course from the University of Helsinki, to bring you up to speed on what all the fuss is about.


8.Teaching in a Digital Age: Third Edition – General

Subtitle: Guidelines for designing teaching and learning

Author: A.W. (Tony) Bates

For those of you who follow Tony, this is the third edition of his book and you shouldn’t miss reading it. As usual it is high quality, relevant and a valuable resource; It is free to download


9. Teaching AI ETHICS. This is a series of articles that examines various aspects of ethics associated with the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in education. The series covers nine areas and should be of interest to those involved in teaching ethics and the ramifications of decision making associated with the use of AI.



1. ASCILITE 2023. Is in New Zealand so you have to attend what is the best educational conference in the Southern Hemisphere. (it’s fully hybrid so you don’t have an excuse not to join online)


That’s it for now

Enjoy your students and the semester ahead.


Richard Elliott

The Eternal Macademic


New Zealand

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