October Issue

Hi everyone
Having just returned from the UK, I was disappointed to find the autumn had followed me… needless to say it’s raining in Auckland … again. However at least we are on Summer time which must make a difference… soon.
Here are a mixture of sites to keep you occupied over the weekend. A new search engine to try, details on workshops at Unitec being facilitated by Alan Levine (overseas members of the list are welcome to attend… if you can get here in time 🙂 ), an interesting site on learning models for simulations, a site with links to resources on online learning and pedagogy and finally an announcement for Unitec staff relating to a presentation by Peter Looms from Denmark.
1. Clusty , here’s a relatively new search engine to experiment with. There are some that say it will replace google #? Certainly has some potential 🙂
2. Registration for Alan Levine’s workshops for Unitec and interested individuals from other institutions in New Zealand is now available from the following link (If any HE institution in New Zealand is interested in getting involved in an
e-portfolio project… let me know).
3. Learning Models. I found this a fascinating site which provides different models of learning used to design simulations. It has some very useful information and insights into how learners learn. Well worth the time to explore.
4. Links to information about online learning and Pedagogy. This site has a number of links to various resources related to online learning and Pedagogy, some old some new
In particular have a look at the resources in the electronic learning
and the University of Texas tutorials
5. Peter Looms is a senior consultant for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. He has a wealth of experience in the use of multimedia and interactive digital resources in education (amongst other things).
Unitec is fortunate to be able to host Peter during a visit to Australasia in October. He will be giving a presentation entitled:
‘Broadcasting and Broadband in a Convergent World – how Important is Interactivity?’
on Tuesday 19 October @ 11.00am in Learning Technologies B33.. (the pumphouse). Places are limited . Unitec staff can book a place by emailing cem[at]unitec.ac.nz
That’s it for now
Have a pleasant weekend..

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