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In case you are interested, it’s not raining in Auckland ….yet… however it’s muggy… which is more like solid warm rain..
I have mentioned Alan Levine on several occasions through this forum and I do it again as he has created an excellent Websource for the TLTG


people by revamping their information which deals with low threshold technology (LTA’s), into a Blog at Maricopa.
There are a number of other links included in this posting, to: an e-learning course, social software+ some, technical standards, a videoconferencing cookbook, digital storytelling, some articles in an electronic journal and of course the odd one out.
Apologies for a mangled URL in the last posting. The odd one out should have been


………. without a ‘t’ at the beginning
1. The LTA blog: well worth exploring for tips and techniques on easy to use teaching/learning tools . Keep an eye on the site as tools are added from time to time


2. Manukau Institute of Technology (in association with the Tertiary Accord NZ, TANZ) in Auckland are offering an online graduate certificate in Applied e-learning. Check out the details. It’s a well structured, well thought out programme and if you want a good experience and develop your skills … enrol 🙂 Starts 14 February


3. Plasticbag.org is the Weblog of Tom Coates who works for the BBC. According to the site Tom ‘ thinks about social software, personal publishing, graphic design, online gaming and the future of media consumption’
This a useful blog with some good articles and discussions .If you are interested in any of the above its well worth spending the time searching the archives, reading current items and responding if you want to


4. Technical standards for learning education and training. Useful site with links to various resources identifying/ suggesting standards of one form or another


5. Videoconferencing Cookbook. A wealth of information within these pages for those who see videoconferencing as a flexible tool for learning. This is version 4 of the cookbook


6. Digital storytelling, Comprehensive resources with lots of links for uses in education. A relatively new development but one that can be used very effectively in the learning environment


7. An electronic journal with a couple of interesting papers : Learning About Learning Styles:
Can It Improve Engineering Education? and Authentic Engagement of Adult Learners in Online Learning.
First edition in the archives section has some useful stuff as well


and the odd one(s) out….. who are you, why are you, where did your family come from?.. some genealogy for all
Genealogy Research for Beginners – How to start your family tree, learn about family history and find your ancestors! Free printable genealogy charts and forms, understanding census records, etc..


For NZ’s


That’s it for today, have a pleasant weekend:-

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