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Hi everyone
The shortest/longest day (depends where you are domiciled) has passed us by and July is upon us.. already… so I have been raining in a few more sites for your perusal.
Finding some gems is not always easy but there are a couple in this lot. The Educational Technology Encyclopedia has a wealth of resources, much of it, it seems, produced and submitted by graduate students from their own research. Well worth spending a few hours exploring. JISC have released some more useful stuff on the pedagogy of elearning. There’s a MoodleMoot to explore, a very nicely constructed and extremely useful Moodle manual online, a range of e-learning resources and reports on activities in Europe, a site with many links to online resources, variations on a Wiki, an online journal with some interesting articles on elearning and finally to bug you … the odd one out 🙂 ……. enjoy and learn. Next posting should have some more info on progress with ‘MoodLams’ (Moodle + LAMS) , some links to useful e-learning related Blogs and a look back to URLS from the Learntec Forum in 1997/8 which are still active 🙂
Have a pleasant weekend
1. The encyclopedia of Educational Technology: The resources here are vast and I’ve only really done justice to a few. Well worth spending some time to find resources for your own area and to bookmark the page

Click on the link to interactive whiteboards for some good hints on effective practice.
2. Some very useful guides and resources on pedagogy of e-learningfrom JISC

3. Moodling along… gaining ground around the world and maybe you would like to join in the UK Moodle Moot

in relation to Moodle, a really great manual on how to set up and use Moodle from Lane Comunity College in the USA. Well worth exploring

4. A long list of online resources in a wide range of subject areas. Must be something here for you

try the link to the teaching goals inventory

5. Human technology online journal with focus on e-learning in this issue

6. Learning Networks from Finland. Have a look at the Valkenberg group activities

7. And from Germany: The aim of this initiative “is to set up cooperative processes for the development of software systems and modules as well as the creation and operation of an infrastructure for computer and network based teaching and learning at universities”.

8. Links and resources provided by the European Distance and e-Learning Network (EDEN)

9. Some interesting variations of Wikis
Swiki and Twiki


10. A very interesting article on ‘How to choose a Content Management Tool according to a Learning Model’ (have a look at ‘The Zen Art of teaching – Communication and Interactions in eEducation’ by the same author.. a good read)

11. Upcoming conference in New Zealand: e-Fest..check it out
This major event for tertiary education in New Zealand will be held at the Wellington Festival and Convention Centre (Wellington Town Hall) on 19-21 September 2005.

Odd one out
12. If you like bugs you will like this site. Very nicely put together with excellent navigation some superb images and educational material.

That’s it folks
Richard Elliott
Learning Technologies
Unitec New Zealand
“Learning in the driver’s seat, technology turning the wheels”

See you at ASCILITE 2005 in BRISBANE: 4 – 7 December,
ALT-C 2005, 6-8 September, Manchester, UK

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