ElearningWatch December 2009

well it’s been a busy week today. ascilite 2009 looms and its proving to be very popular with over 400 delegates registered from 21 different countries. Lots of things to organise to ensure it all goes smoothly. You are too late if you haven’t registered but you can certainly view the presentations online.
This posting includes links to open e-portfolio initiatives, clicker resources, a comprehensive writing style guide fro students, loads of useful animations for biology,anatomy and health, classroom assessment, using blogs in education. top 100 tools, reading comprehension for instructional designers, abstracts from ascilite 2009, conferences and the odd one out.
Until February 2010, that’s it. Even I need a holiday 🙂
1. OPEN eportfolio. Thinking of working with e-portfolios an social networking?. This site provides an interesting overview of how you might go about it
Extract from the site:
Using Joomla open source for ePortfolio and assessment is a custom solution for any institution. You can configure it in an unlimited number of ways.
Here is how we did it.


2. Clicker Resources
Clickers are wireless personal response systems that can be used in a classroom to anonymously and rapidly collect an answer to a question from every student; an answer for which they are individually accountable.
Have at look at the very useful and comprehensive guide (its a pdf download):
An Instructors Guide to the Effective Use of Personal Response Systems (Clickers) in Teaching


3. Style for Students Online: Effective Technical Writing in the Information Age.
This is a really excellent resource with 10 chapters of very useful information. Well worth reading or exploring for that guide, tip or piece of information.


4. Meg’s Blogagogy:Using Blogs for education.
Unusual title but quite a nicely laid out introduction to setting up and using blogs in education. Some useful tips and examples here


5. Biology Animations. From Lonestar College in the USA. A huge range of links to some excellent animations and resources for biology and health related subjects
Biology I Animations Movies & Interactive Tutorial Links




6. Why Enhanced Reading Comprehension Skills Are a Must for Instructional Designers? and My Experience and Lessons Learnt While Creating a Demonstration for a Mobile Application.


7. Top Hundred tools for Learning 2009 edition from Jane Hart Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies.
As always plenty to explore and experiment with.


8. Student Evaluation Classroom Assessment. Useful resources with some tips and guides.


9. Presentations and abstracts for ascilite 2009


10. ALT- C 2010
The Calls and Guidelines for the 2010 ALT Conference are now available.
* Call and Guidelines for Proceedings Papers:


* Proceedings Paper Template:


* Call and Guidelines for Short Papers, Posters, Symposia, Workshops and Demonstrations:


The submission system will open in mid-December and will close on 15 February 2010.
For further information go to


Taken from the ALT Digest, a fortnightly publication from the Association for
Learning Technology (ALT).


10.1 The International Conference on e-Learning 2010′ on education technology!
Event Description:
The International Conference on e-Learning invites researchers, practitioners and academics to present their research findings, work in progress, case studies and conceptual advances in areas of work where education and technology intersect. The conference brings together varied groups of people with different perspectives, experiences and knowledge in one location. It aims to help practitioners find ways of putting research into practice and researchers to gain an understanding of real-world problems, needs and aspirations. A technogogy mini-track has been included in the Conference.


11 The odd one(s) out
It’s getting close to Christmas and there may be a need to keep yourself and significant others occupied. In NZ there’s been a lot about Antarctica lately. This site provides some nice resources on the frozen continent. Good for knowledge and for projects.


and to keep yourselves amused.


That’s all folks . Have a pleasant festive season.
Next elearning Watch will be in February 2010

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