we are dominated at every turn by the spectre of the Covid19 virus.Let’s hope that the world finds a solution, and quickly

Time at home means doing all those things you were meant to do yesterday. The garden here is already looking immaculate as it is having so much attention. Apart from the garden, more time to complete reviews in record time and to read a few more novels ; not to mention the jigsaws . Jan van Haasteren is our favourite. Look him up and get your hands on some fun, especially if you go for the 3000 pieces.

As for the online learning:
Keep it simple, keep it short
Ensure its something that needs to be taught
Activate rigorous time management  and planning
Provide positive and constructive communcation , feedback and support
Encourage collaboration,cooperation and reflection
Be kind and reasonable with your expectations😀.
Remember, student’s are responsible for their own learning, not you.

In the posting this month there are links to Remote learning, Learning by doing,Online teaching, Authentic learning,Project based learning, Remembering or thinking,Time management, Mindstorms, NZ happenings, Publications, Conferences and the Odd one out

At least it’s a diversion from working 🙂

1. How to Be a Better Online Teacher: ADVICE GUIDE. You could find this an interesting guide to support what you already do or enable you to develop your skills at online learning and teaching.

2.Finding Your Campfire: Supporting Newly Remote Teams. Three Free webinars from Julian Stood that may provide you with some ideas and guidance on the use of technology remotely in the current climate

3. Teaching online is different: Critical perspectives from the literature: Extract from report:
‘The main aim of this report is: to establish the roles and competencies of online educators and how best to provide professional development to support educators in understanding, enacting and achieving these roles and competencies. The principal focus is on educators in online higher education, many of whom work in a part time capacity. To that end there are three main research questions:
1. What is the role of the online educator?
2. What competencies characterise effective online teaching?
3. What is the most effective way of delivering professional development to part-time online educators? A very interesting and useful report fro those involved in online learning and those who are about to embark.

4.A Handy Guide to Create Authentic Learning Scenarios in Higher Education. Always good to find a guide that provides some useful ideas, suggestions and insights . This guide is worth perusing to help you with your endeavours to create and present authentic learning situations.


This publication may also help you on your journey: Authentic Learning Blueprint


5. What makes an effective learning experience? 3 key principles from the science of adult learning. Quite an interesting article with useful information and ideas for developing effective learning experiences. You can download the learning design principles for Free if you are happy to submit your email:-)

6.Learning by doing. Produced and revised a few years ago this ‘guide’ has lots of useful stuff which is as applicable today as it was in 1998!. Worth perusing even if just to get a few ideas about how you can add to the way you encourage your students to learn.

7. Work that matters: Teachers guide to project based learning. This guide is a few years old, however, it is still a rich and comprehensive resource which you might not have seen This guide has grown out of the partnership between the High Tech High schools in San Diego, California, and the Learning Futures project, in England and is well worth perusing


8.Time Management Tips for Online Students
Short article which provides some common sense advice. Your students may benefit from reading and learning from the article.

6 Time Management Tips for Online Students

9.Thinking or remembering. An interesting and thought provoking article by Ian Byrd from the Byrdseed site. Makes a lot of sense to me and well worth thinking about!

10.Mindstorms by Seymour Papert. If you’ve read it then you know it’s a great read. If not, about time you did as it helps to think about, amongst many other things, what the world of technology has and is doing in the world of education especially where children are concerned. This is a ‘free’ online edition.

11. Publications: Australasian Journal of Educational Technology

An issue has been published.


12.Conferences: NOTE: Details are given of various conferences in the pipeline. As a consequence of the Corona Virus , it is highly likely some will be cancelled

12.1  HEAd’20: Call for Papers: 6th International Conference on Higher Education Advances
June 2 – 5, 2020. Valencia, Spain.


12.2 Annual Blackboard Teaching & Learning Conference. The first Asia Pacific conference being held from 25-27 August in Cairns, in conjunction with James Cook University

12.3 The highly successful International Students as Partners Institute (ISaPI) will be held for the 5th time at McMaster University, Ontario, Canada (approx. 45 min south of Toronto Airport) from 20-22 May 2020.


12.4  Save the date for the ALT Annual Conference 2020!
9 Sep 2021 9:00 AM   to   11 Sep 2020 5:00 PM


13. New Zealand happenings
13.1  FLANZ: Join us at the biennial FLANZ conference, 22-23 April 2020, at Victoria University, Kelburn Campus, Wellington.

14. Odd one out. I first highlighted a link to this Website around 2005! Lots has happened since then and once agin it’s well worth perusing, especially the stuff todo with the Astronomy and space. I also liked the History and Nostalgia section; must be getting old or something:-)


Keep safe and well

Richard Elliott
The Eternal Macademic
Auckland New Zealand

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