Writing about Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: Creating and Contributing to Scholarly Conversations across a Range of Genres (Healey, Mick, Kelly Matthews, and Alison Cook-Sather, 403pp).

This book is a must have for all involved in informing others about teaching and learning. The fact that it is free is remarkable for such a worthwhile publication which should provide some more than useful insights , help, ideas and guides to ways and means of effective and presentable writing about teaching and learning.

The authors argue that “… writing for publication is not simply producing a text but is, rather, a complex process of joining a conversation, forging an identity, and embracing an opportunity for ongoing learning” (p.330). Moreover, we recognize that there are many communities having different conversations about learning and teaching—disciplinary and inter-disciplinary; formal and informal; context specific and reaching across contexts. The book is aimed at faculty, staff, and students new to and experienced in writing about learning and teaching. We cite a wide range of scholars, offer snippets of our own stories, and weave in reflections by seasoned and new academics, graduate students, and undergraduates from different parts of the world who share their experiences of writing about learning and teaching. The book is supported by a wide range of online resources”.

The book can be accessed from:

Writing about Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

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