pleasant start to the year. Met up with an ‘old’ friend and his wife from Adelaide, Stephen  and Vivienne Barnett. Stephen and I haven’t seen each other for about 25 years; neither of us have changed. Completed a couple of reviews and spent some time helping with SoTEL 2020.Only a few days to go and the programme looks very exciting.Garden produce has been prolific and I have been donating some to neighbours and friends. Beans have got a second wind and are producing heaps again (heaps are the same as beans )Like many places , could do with a drop of rain.

In the posting this month there are links to Innovating Pedagogy, Problem based learning, Standards for Online Learning,Course Transformation Guide,Active Learning Spaces, Universal Design for Learning Guide,Career Guidance, Cornell Image library, Learning Guides, Interactive HTML cheat sheet, New Zealand Happenings,Conferences and the Odd One Out. Kids go back to School this month, chaos on the road. Stay at home and peruse the eWatch 🙂

1. The National Standards for Quality Online Learning. Developed in the USA  (although do note that there is an Australian in the list of supporters)these standards can be used to benchmark your own and perhaps adopt a few. Always useful to have a set of guidelines.


2.Innovating Pedagogy 2020:Exploring new forms of teaching, learning and assessment, to guide educators and policy makers. Open University Innovation Report 8


3. The research behind PBL, GENIUS HOUR, and  choice in the classroom. Project based learning has been around for a while. This article is both interesting ad informative and covers a number of useful aspects of project based learning. It includes examples and comments and insights from various areas and practitioners.


4. Universal Design for Learning and 21st century learning. Useful guide on UDL implementation with some links to complementary resources.


5. Learning Guides from the technological University in Dublin An useful range of guides to help in presenting your resources to students. Explore the rest of the site, lots of well designed material to support teaching and learning.



Enhancing Student Learning through Assessment and Feedback

6.INVESTING IN CAREER GUIDANCE. An interesting and useful overview of the importance of career guidance. Produced for an European audience , the content is equally applicable elsewhere.


7. Cornell University Library has a wide range of useful resources, not the least of which is its guides for research and finding suitable subject related resources. The guide to finding visual resources may be of interest as it covers a lot of ground and has links to a wide range of image resources.


8.Course transformation guide. Seems to be a lot of noise about transformative learning; the resurrection? This is an interesting comprehensive guide relating to transformation of courses.Can be applied to all disciplines. Statement abut the guide: ‘A guide for instructors interested in transforming a course, and their instruction, to use research-based principles and improve student learning’.



In conjunction with the above:Transformative Learning Theory, Edward W. Taylor.


9. Active Learning Spaces: Lessons Learned in the United States. The outcome of a study trip by dutch educators to the USA. Useful insights and comments for those who promote active learning spaces.


10. Interactive HTML cheat sheet If you are into HTML this HAS to be the place for you. Well designed, educational and constructive and definitely useful

HTML Cheat Sheet [Inc HTML5 Tags]

11.1  7th International Conference on Educational Technologies 20205 – 7 February 2020, São Paulo, Brazil


11.2  HEAd’20: Call for Papers: 6th International Conference on Higher Education Advances
June 2 – 5, 2020. Valencia, Spain.


11.3 Annual Blackboard Teaching & Learning Conference. The first Asia Pacific conference being held from 25-27 August in Cairns, in conjunction with James Cook University.


11.4 The highly successful International Students as Partners Institute (ISaPI) will be held for the 5th time at McMaster University, Ontario, Canada (approx. 45 min south of Toronto Airport) from 20-22 May 2020.


11.5  Save the date for the ALT Annual Conference 2021! Venue and other details coming soon.
7 Sep 2021 9:00 AM   to   9 Sep 2021 5:00 PM


Unprecedented challenges and possibilities for sustainable
development and e-Learning in higher education

Conference Date: 10 – 13 August 2020

Location: The Emperors Palace, Johannesburg

Deadline for Proposals: 29 February 2020

For more information and proposal abstract submission, go to: https://www.hetl.org/the-2020-international-higher-education-teaching-and-learning-conference-hetl/

12. New Zealand Happenings.

12.1 Scholarship of Technology Enhanced Learning:

REGISTRATION closes very soon!! Still time to to register for a great event.
The 3rd SoTEL Symposium will be held at AUT University (City Campus) in February on the 19th and 20th, 2020 Access the DRAFT programme and peruse the exciting presentsations and workshops.

Registration and trendsetters

The SoTEL 2020 Committee acknowledges with thanks and appreciation, the important contribution made to the success of SoTEL 2020 by the following prestigious organisations:
Auckland University of Technology [Gold]


Blackboard  [GOLD]


Canvas (Instructure) [Silver]


Cyclone Computers NZ [GOLD]


Echo360 [Silver]


Turnitin [Bronze]


13. Odd one out. It was Benjamin Franklin’s birthday last month [1/17/1706]. Good time to learn more about this amazing man. [Poor Richard’s Almanac is probably the best resource for BF’s quotes]


Relax, take time out and have a play (reminds me of Pacman)


That’s it until March is upon us.
Richard Elliott.
The Eternal Macademic
New Zealand

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