2nd November Issue!

well, two in one month, I must be overdoing it…. AlanLevine from Phoenix, Arizona, well known blogger and wiki expert as well as prolific writer and producer of Webtools for learning, has been with Unitec for almost two weeks. He has complete 10, yes TEN, workshops for Unitec staff and a sprinkling of outsiders and has a couple more to go. Feedback from participants has been excellent (random prizes did not make a difference to outcomes 🙂 ) and we are indebted to Alan for the huge amount of work and effort he has put in, in running the workshops. Access to all the resources from the workshops are freely available at http://ablog.unitecnology.ac.nz/wiki?KiwiWiki.
1. During the workshops input from participants resulted in the identification of a ‘ new’ search engine which actually uses Google but it a very different way… quite innovative and refreshing. Give it a try
2. A new site just posted aims at providing those involved with e-learning, a comprehensive resource related to reviews of research in e-learning. Already there is a lot of useful material to be found
3. Well, Blogging seems to be taking off after a number of years in the shadows and now there is Audio blogging. Haven’t tried it myself but have listened to examples. You need a Blog to use it ( create one at http://www.blogger.com) , Has some interesting potential……Also note that Google is in there lurking :-)mmmm
4 GradeConnect, a FREE? online course Management system. Check out the details. It may suit your purposes
5. Equal access to software and information. This site has some useful links to information relating to and contained within the online journal of information technology and disabilities
Have a pleasant weekend

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