May has been a quiet time for me. Only working on some presentations around train the trainer stuff and contemplating SoTEL 2019. The garden is ‘neglected’ for a couple of months whilst my wife and I enjoy the delights of London and Norway. I think the dog is missing us, but my son is doing a good job (I think) of making sure he attends to her every need (move over dog!) I’m missing not be involved in mid term exams (not). Be plenty to do on my return.
In this posting there are links to: Education videos, learning design, technology in education, social media in education, retrieval practice, inclusive teaching, Google science App,Hybrid learning, Portfolios, LMS vs LCMS, Conferences, New Zealand happenings and the odd one out.
July is just around the corner
1.Reimagining the Role of Technology in Education: An interesting and informative document incorporating some indications of possible uses of technology in education. It does have an USA focus . However much of what is outlined and discussed could be applied in many other places.
2017 National Education Technology Plan Update [USA]


2. Social Media in Higher Education: Strategies, Benefits, and Challenges. An interesting overview of how some higher educational organisations are exploiting the potential of social media to engage, inform and involve students.


3.A guide to effective educational videos. A well structured overview about designing and creating meaningful educational videos. A useful reference for those contemplating the use of video in student learning environments.


You might like to look at the following article which could be used to complements the above:
Instructional Video Evaluation Instrument.


4.Learning Design Family Tree. This is a useful ‘tree’ for ensuring you don’t lose track of the excellent resources produced and being produced by JISC.


5. Get Started with Google’s Science Journal App. If you are into the use of Apps in your student learning environment, this one appears to be useful and versatile for STEM subjects. Seems to be a whole raft of experiences you can create to help your students understand some fundamental principles associated with STEM subjects. Nice one


6.LCMS vs. LMS: A Guide to Learning Content Management Systems. An interesting overview of the two ‘different’ systems along with useful comments and explanations


7. Revitalizing Classroom Training: The Complete Guide to Hybrid Learning. Useful guide to what I believe is essentially blended or flexible learning. Take your pick of the definitions but I don’t think there is much difference between them all. In the end the interpretation manifests itself in how the a successful student learning environment is presented and managed.


The Definitive Guide to Building a Great Blended Learning Program. Complements the above


8.For those of you interested in Portfolios, a couple of interesting and useful articles:
Field Guide to Eportfolio:


Learning portfolio report:


9. Guide to Inclusive Teaching at Columbia University. Well written, includes good sound advice, ideas and guides which can be applied to any University (or educational environment for that matter); worth reading and digesting.


10. Learn how to Study Using:Retrieval Practice. Nice resource that provides some sound advice and ideas for improving student learning. One of six strategies outlined on the site. Worth perusing the rest of the site.


11. Conferences
11.1 ALT ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2018,11 to 13 September 2018, Manchester, UK
ALT’s 25th Annual Conference we will bring together different critical perspectives in Learning Technology from across our community that will examine the challenges ahead and question the shape of things to come. Find out more from:


11.2 Ascilite:35th International Conference on Innovation, Practice and Research in the Use of Educational Technologies in Tertiary Education.
Deakin University, Waterfront Campus, Geelong, Victoria, Australia. 25th to 28th November 2018


11.3 The Blackboard Teaching & Learning Conference ANZ 2018, Brisbane, Australia, AUGUST 28 to 31st 2018, For more information:


12. New Zealand Events.
12.1 Scholarship of Technology Enhanced Learning :
2nd SoTEL conference: February 18th and 19th 2019.
Open to all innovative and passionate educators from the Secondary and Tertiary sectors and organisations creating opportunities for students to learn with the support of technology.
Put the dates in your Diary and place a reminder so you can get your presentation ready and plan for the event!
The SoTEL site , (showing information from the event this year and shortly to be updated with details for 2019) can be accessed via


Video’s of the 2018 Trendsetters are also available:
Peter Scott: Trendsetter 1: Supporting Student learning with Technology: What Future?


Claire Amos: Trendsetter 2: The Digital Blue Yonder: What’s on the Horizon, What next and What now?


INFORM all your colleagues and be part of the event of 2019!Watch this space for further details.
13. Odd one out: Creative Puns For Educated Minds. Good for a laugh and to ponder the reality of some.


That’s it for now
Richard Elliott
The Eternal Macademic
New Zealand

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