Well THE baby has arrived and by George, I guess it won’t be long before he has his own Facebook page recording all his night time twitters. Be that as it may, this digest was born 20 years ago on July 15th! Originally called the Learntec Forum it morphed into elearningWatch in early 2000. Over 2000 Webpages have been pushed into your mail box during that time. Means I must have looked at ten times that amount; still only scratching the surface. I had a look at some of the early links. Blue’n’Web was a favourite, alas it no longer exists like so many others.Netscape Navigator was the Web browser of the day in the early nineties and Mosaic of course, ah well, nostalgia has its place.
The 6th NZ Shar-E-Fest us beginning to take shape and we are very pleased to announce that

Ako Aotearoa, New Zealand’s National Centre for Tertiary Teaching Excellence

is now a GOLD sponsor of NZ Shar-E-Fest 2013.
In this edition there are links to a search engine (oldish), digital taxonomy, science resources,citation engine, padagogy,3years of iPad,creating online learning activities, website evaluation,graphic organisers, free images for education,conferences and the odd one out.
September heralds the approach of Spring!
1. Blooms Digital Taxonomy. Nicely presented and a very useful resource.A lot of work has gone into this and the text is complemented throughout with links to additional resources.


and if you are really keen on Bloom have a look at Kathy Schrock’s compilation of resources.


2. The Padagogy Wheel V3.0: Learning Design starts with graduate attributes, capabilities and motivation
This is the latest iteration of the original Wheel.


To get the hang of it read the explanation.


Then, have a read of the newest update: At The Padagogy Wheel Core: Immersive Learning Targets Engagement and keep on exploring this great Website.


3. Clusty. I remember this search engine from a long time ago and it’s the first time I have used it in years. Still does a good job and complements the other one what is used more frequently!


4.Emerging Edtech: Teaching and Learning with the iPad – a 3 Year Review
Below are the links to the three parts to this review. Makes for interesting reading and provides some useful ‘lessons’




5. Filamentality is a fill-in-the-blank tool that guides you through picking a topic, searching the Internet, gathering good Internet links, and turning them into online learning activities.


6. Science gems: This is a great resource for finding and using a vast array of materials for science teaching and learning; there are certainly some real gems here and the links go on forever! It indicates more than 14,000 resources and I can believe it.


I particularly liked exploring the site on cell biology and microscopy. might not be your thing but some of the demos are great


7.Graphic Organisers from Writedesign online. A selection of the five main types of graphic organisers and their uses.


8.Free, copyright friendly images for education. Looking for pictures to enhance your presentations or add to a learning resource? This site has plenty to choose from.


9. Wave: Web accessibility evaluation tool. Enter the URL of your Website or another site you visit regularly and have a look at the evaluation. Might make you change a few things. This is a pretty comprehensive tool which not only analyses the site but also provides suggestions to remedy errors and links to standards and guidelines.


10. Son of Citation Machine. A very useful tool, easy to follow and hopefully helps you to get that citation right!


11.0 Conferences
11.1 63rd ICEM Conference 1 – 4 October 2013, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
Assoc Prof Daniel Tan is behind the organisation of this one, so it’s bound to go well and be a worthwhile experience. Details can be found at:


11.2 altc2013 Building new cultures of learning
Registration for altc2013, the 20th annual conference of the Association for Learning Technology, is now open via:


The conference takes place at the East Midlands Conference Centre, University of Nottingham, 10-12 September 2013. For more information about the conference please visit:


11.3 ascilite 2013
The 30th ascilite conference . This year it will be held at Macquarie University on the 1st – 4th December
For more details and to keep in touch go to:


11.4 mLearn Doha, Qatar, Hosted by the College of the North Atlantic-Qatar. We are delighted to extend the reach of mLearn into a new region of the world.
The conference dates will be 22-24 October, preceded by workshops on 21 October.
The conference website is available here:


11.5 NZ Happenings
6th Annual NZ Shar-e-fest: Thursday 10th and Friday 11th October 2013, Wintec, Hamilton


The 6th Annual NZ Shar-E-fest will take place on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th October in Hamilton and follow a similar format to last year.
Regional symposia will take place before and after the Shar-E-fest, in Palmerston North, Lower Hutt, Dunedin, Waiariki, Auckland and Northland.
We are delighted to announce that the International keynote speaker and presenter for 2013 will be
Profesor Grainne Conole
For more information have a look at Grainne’s website:


We are also very pleased for the support from




Ako Aotearoa, New Zealand’s National Centre for Tertiary Teaching Excellence

All are GOLD sponsors of NZ Shar-E-Fest 2013.
Details for submissions are on the Shar-e-Fest website.
The theme for 2013:
‘Learning design and technology and social media integrated learning environments: what works?, why? and how well?
A flyer is now available from the website.


12. The odd one out: An infographic a day. A wide range of topics each backed by an infographic. Unbelievable facts about Earth is, well. unbelievable! There are some good resources here as well if you are looking to get the kids talking and learning.


That’s it
Richard Elliott
The Eternal Macademic
New Zealand

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