so far I haven’t been followed by the rain. Almost 7 weeks with only one real downpour in Regent’s Park; Norway was mainly dry as well. Now it’s back to NZ and getting the hedges in order and attending to the vege plot.. in the rain:-(
Not a lot of time spent on things learning technology, although have read through quite a few reports and guides. Constructive alignmentlways been a (Gibbs 1982) is a focus as we speak. It’s a very useful and defining concept which enables the creation of learning materials and environments that aim to support achieve real learning and understanding by the adult learner. I’ve been working on some sessions for educators who, through professional development events, help others to develop skills in facilitating learning in essentially student and self centred environments. Many have contributed with excellent ideas and suggestions and outcomes from evidence based practice; lots more to do.Hi ho.
In this posting there are links to Google resources, visualisation Periodic Table, better questions, faculty resistance, online learning design, apprenticeship toolkit, social media and online learning, padagogy wheel, digital storytelling, students as partners, conferences, New Zealand happenings and the odd one out.
August is not far away.
1. How Helping Students to Ask Better Questions Can Transform Classrooms. Common sense stuff which sometimes tends to be forgotten when it comes to the power of questioning for learning.


2. How often do you use the resources provided by Google? Do you know what they are and know how to use them? This site provides you with all the links you need to learn about and use the resources. Ranges from basic to advanced. Worth perusing.


If you have time explore the huge range of ‘binders’ on the site (over 1 million). May be one that you are looking for. Try ‘featured Livebinders’ first.
3.Periodic table of visualisation methods. Here is a novel idea and one that could be useful in many different ways. Provides a wide range of charts in numerous subject areas. Not sure where they got some of the information from, but lots of fascinating stuff .


4.The Effectiveness of Online Learning Depends on Design. Nicely constructed article with some useful comments and information to help guide the design and use of your online activities with your students.


5.Using Social Media for Online Learning. A well written and presented ‘newsletter’. There are some clear guides, ideas and suggestions and reasons for embracing the use of social media in online learning. Have a look at other resources on the site.[Canadian author]


6. 3 Strategies for Overcoming Faculty Resistance to Active Learning Techniques: Whenever change is on the horizon and it moves people out of their comfort zone, resistance will occur. Dealing with resistance and encouraging involvement can sometimes be daunting. This article is a good read and might give you some ideas.


7. Apprenticeship Toolkit from the JISC stable. Well thought out guide from the Jisc stable. As usual of high quality and relevant to today’s learners. Extract from the site:
‘This Apprenticeship Toolkit shows how effective application of digital technologies can support the delivery of apprenticeships by colleges and training providers (including employer-providers). It also covers new standards and end point assessment (England only)’


8. Digital Storytelling in the Liberal Arts. There seems to be an upsurge in the use of digital storytelling. There are lots of rejoices around and I found this one to be well structured, comprehensive and informative


If you want the best of digital storytelling resources , go the Helen Barrett’s site


9. The Padagogy Wheel English V5: When was the last time you visited and downloaded the Padagogy Wheel? . Now available in ten languages (Italian and Chinese the latest) and worth updating your current edition. Some interesting short course on the site.


10. 2nd edition Journal of students as partners. With perusing some of the interesting articles in this edition. Support the growing trend to involve students more in contributing to what happens in their learning environments.


11. Conferences
11.1 ALT ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2018,11 to 13 September 2018, Manchester, UK
ALT’s 25th Annual Conference we will bring together different critical perspectives in Learning Technology from across our community that will examine the challenges ahead and question the shape of things to come. Find out more from:


11.2 Ascilite:35th International Conference on Innovation, Practice and Research in the Use of Educational Technologies in Tertiary Education.
Deakin University, Waterfront Campus, Geelong, Victoria, Australia. 25th to 28th November 2018


11.3 The Blackboard Teaching & Learning Conference ANZ 2018, Brisbane, Australia, AUGUST 28 to 31st 2018, For more information:


12. New Zealand Events.
12.1 Scholarship of Technology Enhanced Learning :
2nd SoTEL conference: February 18th and 19th 2019.
Open to all innovative and passionate educators from the Secondary and Tertiary sectors and organisations creating opportunities for students to learn with the support of technology.
Put the dates in your Diary and place a reminder so you can get your presentation ready and plan for the event!
The SoTEL site , (showing information from the event this year and shortly to be updated with details for 2019) can be accessed via


Video’s of the 2018 Trendsetters are also available:


Peter Scott: Trendsetter 1: Supporting Student learning with Technology: What Future?
Claire Amos: Trendsetter 2: The Digital Blue Yonder: What’s on the Horizon, What next and What now?
John Clayton: Trendsetter3: Creating Jigsaw pieces for an unknown picture: Piecing together the future
INFORM all your colleagues and be part of the event of 2019!Watch this space for further details.
13. Odd one out: FreeFoto says ‘ ..is the largest collection of free photographs on the Internet (link back and attribution required)’ Might be right as as there are over 132 thousand images are to use; some of those I looked at are stunning. Choose some for a project or two


That’s it for this month
Richard Elliott
The EternalMacademic
New Zealand

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