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guess what.. it’s raining in Auckland, but at least it’s spring rain 🙂
A couple of links today which should keep the neurons on their toes.. .The first one on new ways of learning, then several on assessment tools for your perusal and edification, followed by details of Alan Levine’s workshop schedule at Unitec in November (information for NZ members on this e-list).
1. New Times demand new ways of learning. This is part of a number of articles ( based on a report Designing Learning and Technology for Educational Reform, authored by Beau Fly Jones, Gilbert Valdez, Jeri Nowakowski, and Claudette Rasmussen and published by the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory, 1995.) which are worth reading if you are interested in different aspects of learning. I found this one a very easy read and full of useful information. If you have time go back to the main section and access some of the other documents. Sure to be something for everyone here
2. Interested in creating a Rubric for a given task? This site shows you how. Can be used for all sorts of things that you want to assess
3. Rubrics for Web lessons. A guide to creating authentic assessments
While we are on about assessment have a look at
4. Secondary assessment tools. Provides a range of templates that be downloaded and used for your assessment needs
The odd one out is…
For New Zealand members of the forum, here are some details regarding the pending visit to Unitec of Alan Levine. (Some of you will already have received this information through the internal email system at Unitec)
Alan is from Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction (mcli), Division of Academic Affairs
( ), Phoenix, Arizona. He is known world wide for his expertise in the use and development of learning technologies and e-learning resources. More recently he has become recognised as an expert in the use of Weblogs.
Alan visited Unitec a few years ago and we are fortunate to have a return visit in November of this year. He has agreed to facilitate/participate in a number of workshops (mostly practical) and some presentations.
So you can do some planning, workshop titles, dates and times are shown below.
Within the next few weeks there will be a Weblink on the Unitec e-learning Gateway ( which will enable staff to register for a particular workshop(s)/ presentation.
The workshops are ‘hands on’ and the venue not huge so there is naturally a limit to the numbers who can participate ( presentation in RED lecture theatre not so critical). Places will be on first come, first served basis and Unitec staff will have preference over external applicants.
All workshops , which are held in LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES B/33 (the Pumphouse) are FREE to Unitec staff (if you register and don’t turn up without letting us know in good time that you won’t be coming, you are liable to a charge of $50 to you or your department :-))
External participants can register for a fee of $30 (inc GST) per workshop and /or $56.25 (inc GST) for the Seminar on 17 November (to contribute to any admin/catering cost)
(NB: workshop 6 is for Unitec staff only)
MAX 30 PARTICIPANTS for all workshops/seminars. RED lecture theatre presentation…. plenty of room (220 MAX) for any staff member who wants to attend. Also FREE attendance for staff from local Universities/Institutes of Technology or Polytechnics
Workshop schedule details:
1/11/04 Workshop 1: The Web as a learning tool and What are hybrids? 1.30 – 3.30 pm
2/11/04 Workshop 2: Learning Objects (Part 1) 9.30 – 12.00pm
2/11/04 Workshop 3: E-Portfolios 2.00pm – 3.30pm
3/11/04 Workshop 4: Blackboard/e-learning session 9 a.m – 12.00pm
3/11/04 Workshop 5: Learning Objects (Part2) and RSS 2.00pm –
4/11/04 Workshop 6: Drop in and Chat with Alan 9.30 – 11.00 am
4/11/04 Workshop 7: Weblogs 1.30 – 4.00pm
5/11/04 Workshop 8: Digital Storytelling 1.30 – 3.00pm
8/11/04 Workshop 9: Digital Photography 9.30- 12.00
9/11/04 UNITEC presentation: Connecting Learning Objects with RSS plus Weblogs,Trackback and Photoblogs (Actual title to be confirmed by Alan but won’t be too dissimilar)
RED LECTURE 180 B001 11.00 – 12.15 pm
9/11/04 Workshop 10: Support for online learning 2.00 pm – 3.00pm
17/11/04 Seminar : Flexibl-e-learning expose: A number of presentations/practical sessions, including 2 from Alan in conjunction with the Unitec Academic Development Unit 9.00 am – 4.00 pm (one of the Unitec ADU/LT series of events)
That’s it for today

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