April Showers….

well I was doing some work on wiki workshops and searching around for some new /exciting resources. I found a few plus some for Blogs and RSS. Then I was distracted (fortunately) by one of my erudite colleagues who was looking for resources in anatomy and physiology. So, this posting has been embodied with some interesting resources you can muscle in on, as well as a few on the e-learning track.
Have a pleasant day wherever you may be
ps : all the links can now be accessed from


1. First up an interesting NZ site which is offering to host your online course in Moodle
Extract from the site:
“LNZ is available for any individual or organisation in New Zealand to create and run professional online e-learning courses. LNZ provide the hardware, software, hosting, backup, support and training – leaving you free to concentrate on the most important things – the students and the course”
Seems to be lots of activity…. check it out.


2. For those of you who are moodling along or about to, this site provides a ‘comparison’ between BlackBoard and Moodle. Make up your own mind… 🙂


3. Connexions: This site contains a lot of FREE educational materials and is well worth exploring and maybe using some of the resources.
Extract from the site:
“Connexions is a rapidly growing collection of free scholarly materials and a powerful set of free software tools to help
? authors publish and collaborate
? instructors rapidly build and share custom courses
? learners explore the links among concepts, courses, and disciplines”.


4. Interested in what RSS is all about? This site tells all (well almost all). Nicely put together


5. This is a neat site in more ways than one It provides Flash samples for explaining various physiological/ anatomical actions/functions. You will need
Flash player 4 or higher and shockwave player. For those of you teaching health/ health science/ anatomy and physiology/ sport science and related subjects, these small
movies ( I hesitate to call them learning objects) are very good at explaining and demonstrating concepts and principles.


In the same vein, so to speak, our very active colleagues at Maricopa also provide an excellent site with some very useful animations and ‘interactive’ diagrams on Cardiac anatomy and physiology and a whole raft more with some more links to other resources. ( many of the tutorials use javascript so this must be enabled in your browser)


With no real arterial motive, this is within the same site to flex your muscles on


This is the home page for A&P and you could spend hours here looking through the pulsating offerings


6. Wow…. both of these this will get the heart rate up.. a huge range of simulations/animations/interactive tutorials. I liked the one from the BBC on the interactive human body….


(which it never is really especially on Sundays) Find out where everything fits or should fit
Main page:


The other one as extensive links to a huge range of resources. If you don’t know how you manage to function by the time you have finished with this lot.. …you may need vetting 🙂


7. You may be wondering why I have diverted to providing a body of knowledge… well I was looking for the instruction tool for OSIRIX, the amazing Radiology application and I found it in WIkibooks


which led me to explore further (as you do) to discover a wealth of information in the Wikibooks site. Go to the home page and peruse for your resource. I f you get stuck on the cooking pages please refer to the
anatomy and physiology tutorials on the effect of food on function 🙂


8. And the odd one out? …..Have you seen and experienced
YaGooHoo!gle! It does a very interesting comparison of search results between Google and Yahoo…..mmmm


That’s it for April.. and its just started to rain … “April showers….

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