🌧It is raining. In fact it hasn’t stopped raining for quite some time and is liable to keep raining.
Excessive amounts of rain , high temperatures and the occasional sight of a red orb beaming through the clouds has resulted in the garden becoming a jungle. I can’t get out to do any remedial stuff without taking a chance I might be washed into the estuary. Ah well better weather is coming but in the meantime lots of things to do indoors. Time to peruse the latest in the e-learning world whilst doing jigsaws on the side; very rewarding.🤔

The new year for many students in New Zealand has been delayed in Auckland because of the ‘Red’ alert; more disruption to their learning. However, all will get underway next week. The resource in this posting might provide a few new ideas on how to keep the student focussed on their learning

This posting includes links to Digital strategies in the UK,Curriculum and learning design, AI in learning, Digital technologies , e-learning tools, Virtual museum resources,Conferences,  Publications and Odd one out

1. Approaches to curriculum and learning design across UK higher education. Another excellent resource from JISC. Although focussed on the UK Higher Education domain, much can be learnt to apply to education in any country.


2. Digital strategies in UK higher education: making digital mainstream. Much can be learnt from the initiatives underway in the UK with regards to the adoption and implementation of digital resource in education.

Extract from the report: ‘Taking a strategic and organisation-wide approach to adopting, implementing and developing digital technologies is critical in underpinning the long-term success and sustainability of universities’.

Should be applicable to any  University in the ever changing world of technologies in education.

Read the report and find out how UK  Higher Educationleaders drive digital innovation within their institutions


3. AI in Learning: Designing the Future: Hannele Niemi • Roy D. Pea • Yu Lu Editors. This is an open access book and web worth pausing to bring you up to date on the influence/ effect that A.I. is having and will have on Education


4. Free E-Learning Authoring Tools: For the more adventurous of you interested in creating your own engaging and relevant resources for your students

5. Digital Technologies Hub. An excellent source for a wide range of resources aimed at helping student learn, parents understand and tutors enhance their teaching and learning environments using digital technologies. An Australian focus but easu=ily transferable to anywhere digital technologies are employed in education.

https://www.digitaltechnologieshub.edu.au6.The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Museum Resources, E-Learning, and Online Collections: Go no further. This is an excellent comprehensive list of  numerous  virtual museum resources, and they are all free to access. You will need a lot of time to peruse them all but probably guarantee that you will find something useful for your students and their learning.



1.   NZ: SoTEL (EDU-SHIFT) Symposium 15-17 February 2023.
6th SoTEL Symposium will be hosted virtually by AUT University and  the University of Melbourne in February from the 15th to 17th of February, 2023.



1.Searching and Reviewing the Literature on SoTL: An Academic Literacies Perspective, Part 1 and 2 have been published in Teaching & Learning Inquiry, 11.


Odd one’s out

1. United Nations Rights of the Child . Worth perusing and getting familiar with what is expected.


2. ChatGPT: What’s all the fuss about? Have read of the history of chatbots  and see how the have evolved

That’s it. Hope your new year will be rewarding for you and your students😊.



Richard Elliott
The Eternal Macademic
New Zealand

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