well that’s Christmas celebrations done and dusted and New Year’s eve went off with a bang. Now it’s down to planning holidays for this year;UK and Portugal in May. Work might try to get in the way; fat chance.
I don’t normally have an eLWatch in January, but as SoTEL 2020 is looming on the horizon , I thought it prudent to remind everyone that Early Bird registration has been extended to January 17th!

You can access a list of the abstracts accepted  so far for SoTEL 2020; excellent stuff all round.

Can’t carry on without mentioning the garden. In excess of 4.5kg runner  beans, plus courgettes, lettuces and rocket; carrots; spring onions and on the horizon, copious amounts of tomatoes , cucumbers and spring onions.

Enjoy the year ahead:-)
In the posting this month there are a fewer links than normal all focussed on online learning: Online learning leader guide, Creating online learning, Effective Online Learning – Student Module, Design an Effective Online Course,Your own online learning’school,  Conferences, New Zealand Happenings and the odd one out.
1.Creating Online Courses: A Collaborative Design Process that Works. An interesting and useful document to guide you through the process of creating effective and efficient online courses. Short but succinct.
2.Online Learning School and School Authority Leader Guide. In a similar vein to (1), this guide (from Canada) provides some useful steps in managing, organising and maintaining online learning. Mainly in schools, but much is equally applicable to tertiary and beyond education.
3. Ever thought about setting up your own online learning ‘school’? Here is a step by step guide. Even if you don’t intend to create your own school, some of the steps, ideas, comments and suggestions might be useful in your current activities.
4. How to Design an Effective Online Course (Even If You’re Not an Academic) Different but the same in many ways, Some useful pointers and comment.
5. From the E-Learning Resources pages: Effective Online Learning – Student Module
There is a lot of common sense and useful guide and comments for student to be motivated and engaged.in the first section of this Web page. It is followed by some useful resources for using the online Blackboard system plus a number of short videos showing how to use Google docs, email and related resources.
6. Conferences
6.1. Ascilite: 37th International Conference http://www.ascilite.org
6.2  7th International Conference on Educational Technologies 2020
5 – 7 February 2020, São Paulo, Brazil
6.3  HEAd’20: Call for Papers: 6th International Conference on Higher Education Advances
June 2 – 5, 2020. Valencia, Spain
7. Publications
7.1 Australasian Journal of Educational Technology:
New issue has been published.
8. New Zealand Happenings
8.1 Scholarship of Technology Enhanced Learning: 
GOOD NEWS the EARLYBIRD  has been extended to January 17th!
The 3rd SoTEL Symposium will be held at AUT University (City Campus) in February on the 19th and 20th, 2020 (Excellent vision shown by the organisers :-))

Get all the information and any updates from:

The SoTEL 2020 acknowledges with thanks and appreciation for the important contribution made to the success of SoTEL 2020 by the following prestigious organisations:
Ako Aotearoa
Auckland University of Technology
Canvas (Instructure)
Cyclone Computers NZ
9. Odd one out. Just in case you were wondering: Why do we celebrate New Year on January 1st?
May the New Year be everything you want it to be:-)
Richard Elliott
The Eternal Macademic
New Zealand

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