May flies by with new links

Auckland turned on the good weather for some time, but now it’s back to rain.. rain 🙁 . Anyway weather we get more rain or not, a variety of links are hereby posted for your edification.
The Ministry of Education in New Zealand has launched a new site with a wealth of resources, including links to projects funded under the eCDF (e-learning Collaborative development Fund). The NZ govt have also released their Digital Strategy. Skype, the online telephony system has been around for a wee while and is currently experience a huge upsurge in use. It’s well worth the minimal effort to set it up and try. My recent experience using Skype to communicate with Denmark was a very good one. A couple of papers for you to read … and a revisit to explore some of the ever expanding resources on the JISC website. If you are into RSS , it would be a good idea to track the changes occuring here. Learning lab and elearnopedia provide links to even more resources
1. Edcentre.. your online gateway to New Zealand Education. A comprehensive collection of useful information, resources and links

2. NZ Digital Strategy ” The government wants all New Zealanders to be able to enjoy the benefits that ICT can bring…..”
This is the online version of the document

3. Skype is for calling other people on their computers or phones. Download Skype and start calling for free all over the world. Easy to set up and run with a very easy to use interface. If you use it I suggest you have some headphones for easier listening

4 elearningmag provides links to a wide range of papers and case studies on e-learning. The section on ‘Selecting an e-learning solution (in four parts)’ provides a useful guide

5. Have a look at the CSCAIPE development and others on the HE site and the collections, free as well as subscribeable, on the JISC site

6. Audio/video presentation from the Learning Lab on a variety of topics related to learning technologies and e-learning. Some very interesting stuff here. Download, listen and watch 🙂

7. Dubbed ‘ Your site to keep pace with e-learning Technology’ It provides a wide range of resources (Weblinks) and scholarly papers (some useful stuff under the ‘Academic researchers’ button) on things e-learning

A companion site all about mobile learning

The odd one out… well, do you want some real Kiwi icons on your computer desktop ? Try a few of these for both Mac and Windows machines… a little bit of home each time you launch a folder or application 🙂

That’s it for today

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