September was a busy month. Our Golden Retriever decided to tear a cruciate ligament; not a good idea! She has had the operation and know her stifle joint is pinned and screwed(bit like our bank account). Fortunately she is well on the way to a full recovery (unlike our bank account). Hopefully she won’t do the same to the other leg other wise i will have to set up a ‘Give a lot’ page 🙂
The garden is demanding more attention as beans, potatoes and various other vegetables push their way out of the soil; all looking good and productive in a few months. Flowers are also beginning to bloom and the Wisteria is just a purple cascade.Did most of the hedges. Still about 30 metres to go.

A milestone in September when e-LearningWatch turned 25!The past 15 years have been ‘Weberised’ adding to the email audience, active since 1994 [http://elearnwatch.falkor.gen.nz] Reflecting on all the past years I am grateful to Vern Smith for hosting the e-Watch and lately to his daughter Raewyn (an e-Guru in her own ‘Write”) for transferring the archives and current edition of the e-Watch to its new WordPress site.

Interesting to ponder who introduced the concept of ‘e- something’. My American mates would probably lay claim to the honour, However it’s the Bits who thought of it first. Have you heard of e-ssex? A whole county devoted to the subject . Then there are the offshoots of ‘Sus-sex'(if you want to find out about it) or ‘Middle-sex’ (if you sit on the fence) Enough of the banter. Have a look through the archives and see if any of the early Websites have survived.

More time now being spent on SoTEL 2020 as the event gets closer. Don’t forget to make a submission and come to best NZ learning event of the year.

In the posting this month there are links to Evaluation of Education Technology use, Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies, Managing risk, Rethinking Edtech, Guide to VR and AR in Education,Byte sized learning, Adventures in teaching and Learning, Blending Classrooms, Presentations and workshop outlines, Guide to Scholarship of teaching and Learning, XXX Conferences, New Zealand Happenings and the Odd one out.

Here’s to the next 25 years 🙂

1. A GUIDE TO VR & AR IN EDUCATION. Written a couple of years ago, this white paper makes a lot of sense and is worth perusing to consider the comments, analysis and suggestions within. It may well fit with your approach and you might find some useful suggestions.


2. From our esteemed colleagues across the ditch: Research Report:Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies in Schools. ‘This report was commissioned by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training to examine the literature, and provide advice to teachers, on artificial intelligence (AI) and the emerging technologies (virtual, augmented and mixed reality) in school education.’ In depth study , comprehensive and topical. Lots to absorb, digest and contemplate. Read the Executive summary for a useful overview and to get a feel of the perceived and real impact and implications of Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies

3. Will technology transform education for the better? This report summarises 126 rigorous evaluations of different uses of education technology. Drawing primarily from research in developed countries, the publication looks at randomised evaluations and regression discontinuity designs across four broad categories: (1) access to technology, (2) computer-assisted learning or educational software, (3) technology-enabled nudges in education, and (4) online learning. Well worth reading.


4.The 2018 digital university:Staying relevant in the digital age. Are you up with the play or gone beyond the pale?


Managing Risk in Higher Education
Higher Education Sector Risk Profile 2019


5.Rethinking the Context of Edtech. Another interesting opinion piece from Educause.

6. Guide to Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Written by guide was written by Nancy Chick (Assistant Director, Vanderbilt Center for Teaching).Clear outline, information, related resources and discussion on the nature of SoTL, Very useful if you are contemplating doing SoTL research . Unfortunately the actual research guide doesn’t seem to be available outside the US 🙁

7. Blending classroom with Work and Technology. From Singapore and all about how to create a blended curriculum in partnership wit the workplace.. Nicely constructed and written, easy to follow and some good material to use as a resource for your own endeavours.

8. A range of presentations and workshops created by Sylvia Duckworth from Canada and free to use. Some of these must be of use to you. Nicely constructed easy to follow and good for learning and teaching. Great for the younger set (aren’t we all ?;-)); wonderful diagrams.

9.Adventures in teaching and Technology. This blog is based on a journey of the author through working towards Masters degree in Digital Education Leadership . It has some very interesting insights and information and is worth perusing to glean some ideas and perhaps some direction in your own area of expertise.

10. ‘NLN Materials represent one of the most substantial and wide-ranging collections of e-learning materials in the UK – hundreds of small, free, flexible ‘bite-sized’ episodes of learning’. These resources have been designed to help students in the post 16 sector. There is a wide variety of materials in a range of subjects, Nicely crafted and easy to follow. A very useful resource. My interest was in the vocational subjects and I wasn’t disappointed with the quality of the materials presented

11. Conferences

11.1. Ascilite: 36th International Conference on Innovation, Practice and Research in the Use of Educational Technologies in Tertiary Education. In Singapore. Conference information from:

12. New Zealand Happenings

12.1 Scholarship of Technology Enhanced Learning:

The 3rd SoTEL Symposium will be held at AUT University (City Campus) in February on the 19th and 20th, 2020 (Excellent vision shown by the organisers :-))
Second call for papers has been announced.


Some excellent Trendsetters (Keynotes) have been confirmed:

Dr Stewart Hase BA, Dip Psych, MA (hons), PhD. MPS. is a registered psychologist interested in human adaptation and change.  Stewart has held senior management positions in higher education. He is the author of over 130 scientific works in the area of change, leadership and learning including two recent and internationally recognized books describing a new approach to learning and training
Russell Burt (Principle, Pt England School)Pt England School has a national and international reputation for innovative work accelerating achievement of Maori & Pasifika Learners using the affordances of digital learning & teaching to make learning visible for children and their families, whilst affording higher cognitive engagement
Brendon Wood (Senior Lecturer, AUT University) Brendan commenced employment at AUT in 2014, within the Department of Paramedicine, as the Military Programme leader. He has been responsible for the coordination of the study for members of the New Zealand Defence Force. He also lectures in Clinical Reasoning within the Bachelor of Health Science in Paramedicine Degree.
Amanda Lees (Lecturer, AUT University) Amanda teaches in Health care ethics,Ethics of emerging biotechnologies, Media and communications for health promotion. Her current research interests are in the areas of: Values based decision making,Tertiary ethics education,Educational technologies in ethics education and Mobile and digital technologies in health education.

Get all the information and any updates from:

SoTEL Symposium 19-20 February 2020

12.2 The next KiwiMUG event will be held on 4 October 2019.
All the information is at


12.3 The Ako Aotearoa Academy of Tertiary Teaching Excellence is proud to present Talking Teaching 2019 – Diverse Learners: Inclusive Teaching, a two day conference on tertiary learning and teaching practice for the whole tertiary sector.
28th- 29th November 2019


13. Odd one out. There’s been a lot of hard work and thought gone into producing these gems of information on how various things work. Good fun and educational


Can you believe it’s Guy Fawkes anniversary next month , already ?

Maybe some fireworks in the next edition of the e-Watch


Richard Elliott
The Eternal Macademic
Auckland, New Zealand

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