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well here we are in June and the shortest/longest day is only a few weeks away. Some of us will be moving from dark to see the light and the rest have already seen the light and the dark side beckons. Whichever side you are on, this month’s links will provide you with some light relief or some dark thoughts. They include the usual links to conferences and here I would mention the NZ Moodle Moot 2008, always worth the effort. I’m looking forward to ALT-C as I am fortunate to be able to travel the short 12,000 miles to attend; see you there.
There is a range of sites in this posting which focus on elearning resources to help you put life into your inspiration plus information to help students as well as technical tools and tutorials, new educational videos and resources on ITunes, principles of online design and of course the odd one out.
July in wait for some more useful resources? just watch this space.
1. Anatomy & Physiology II Animations Movies & Interactive Tutorial Links. I am always looking for useful resources in the health and science field and this site has links to many different resources for anatomy and physiology. Some of the stuff requires you to register or even pay (not too sure about that). However try the stuff on “Winking skull” for starters then womble at leisure through the rest. There is so much to explore you will need a check up if you manage to evaluate the lot.


2.elearnspace , everything elearning, is a website with lots of overviews and information on elearning grouped under a number of headings: Starting, Enabling, Doing, Evaluating and Managing. Each section also has a complementary list of links to other resources on the same topic. The last heading, Resources, provides links to general technology and other useful resources


3. PowerPoint to Flash Conversion Tools – Mini-Guide. From the pen (digital) of Robin Good is this 8 part guide which provides a raft of useful information on how and why you can or should convert your powerpoint slides into a more interesting or different presentation format. Not a lot of free stuff embedded here but does get the brain thinking.


4. Now Playing on iTunes U: the University of California TV +lots more educational stuff.
“From ‘Babies by Design’ to ‘San Diego Opera Talk’ to ‘Health Matters,’ the University of California Television delivers a wealth of highly informative programming to iTunes U. Explore the hundreds of audio and video podcasts you can enjoy on your Mac or PC or take with you on an iPod or iPhone”.


5. E-learning Resources from Derek Stockley in Aussie land.
Extract from the site
‘There are many resources that cover the e-learning (elearning) topic. The links on this page provide a very comprehensive range of information about elearning, a growing and important part of the learning and development field. This page is part of a comprehensive e-journey about e-learning’.
Lots of information and resources here and more to it that meet the eye. Start the journey and enjoy the resources on the way.


6. ElearningResource.com. More stuff on the development of e-learning in the working environment.
Extract from the site
‘This site is dedicated to discussing new directions in computer-based training and knowledge management within a work environment. It focuses on identifying new approaches to capturing knowledge and disseminating learning within corporate/government organizations’.
Worth reading and gleaning a number of useful insights on what could be good practice.


7. Skills Gym: Online training resources from NWLG for Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Microsoft Office and other software. (Please note this is based in the UK and in some cases users will need a username from the London Grid for learning LGfL )


I tried the dreamweaver section and it worked for me.


8. Principles of Online Design: Instructional Design, from Florida Coast University.
This site provides some broad outlines and advice on designing online materials and resources. It includes sections on Goals/Objectives, Instructional Activities, Evaluation and Teaching Strategies. Easy to follow and has some useful examples.


9.The Education Atlas
Extract from the site
‘Welcome to the Education Atlas, the World’s most comprehensive guide to the best education sites on the Web. They’re sorted by Education Index/Subject and lifestage, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for quickly and easily’
A list on the left hand side of the screen provides links to various sections. Each section has a wide range of resources to explore.
I had a good wander through the study skills guide for students which provides a number of links to a number of strategies, tips and guides to develop and improve study skills


10.Learning & teaching support for staff from the Information Services division of the University of Melbourne Australia.
This is a site with lots of resources for the wannabe elearning expert. Although designed for the staff at University of Melbourne, it will appeal to many involved with elearning through its links to advice and resources on the how, why, when and where of elearning.


11. Conferences
11.1 ALT-C 2008: Rethinking the digital divide
9-11 September 2008, Leeds, UK
Keynote speakers:
* David Cavallo, Chief Learning Architect for One Laptop per Child, and
Head of the Future of Learning Research Group at MIT Media Lab;
* Dr Itiel Dror, Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience at the
University of Southampton;
* Hans Rosling, Professor of International Health, Karolinska Institute,
Sweden, and Director of the Gapminder Foundation.
Key dates:
Presenters’ registration deadline: 6 June 2008
Early bird registration deadline: 30 June 2008
Registrations close: 15 August 2008
For sponsorship and exhibition opportunities got to:


or contact Hayley Willis, Events Administrator:


ALT-C 2008: Rethinking the digital divide
9-11 September 2008, Leeds, England


11.2 Elliot Masie’s invitation to be part of Learning 2008, 26-29 October Orlando, Florida


11.3 ASCILITE 2008: The ascilite 2008 conference theme is: Hello! Where are you in the landscape of educational technology?


Nov 30 – Dec 3
Deakin University
Burwood Campus
221 Burwood Highway
Burwood Victoria 3125
Call for Papers:
You are invited to develop proposals for full papers, concise papers, posters and workshops for ascilite 2008. The submission deadlines for all papers and proposals can be found at this link:


11.4 The MoodleMoot NZ08
8th October Workshops
1. Developers workshop with Martin Dougiamas
2. Graphics and Themes with Julian Ridden
3. Moodle for new Teachers with HRD.
9th-10th October – conference days – Technical, General, and Teaching streams.
Excellent location for conference dinner Thursday 9th – The Old Church
Hosted by Eastern Institute of Technology in Napier, Hawkes Bay.
early bird registration is now open! Make sure you are there!


12. The odd one(s). How well do you know your way around the world? This site provides you with an opportunity to test your knowledge. Fun and educational


Having done well in locating places, what about graves? Maybe a bit macabre but this site is fascinating if you are interested in where famous people are buried. You can even search for where some of your ancient rellies might be resting.


I’ve reached a dead end so, that’s it for this month.
Richard Elliott
The eternal Macademic
elearningWatch Ltd
New Zealand

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