November eWatch

well the end of 2007 is on the horizon and on this side of the globe a brief respite from all that academic stuff is not far away.
This will be the last elearningWatch for the year (unless something spectacular happens)but it will return in February 2008.
In the meantime here are some more sites for you to explore. There’s a link to ‘free’ campus productivity pack from Filemaker, a ‘free’ Handbook of e-Learning Strategy, some sites on learning objects, research and mobile learning, elearning systems and technology, a link to the distance learning week in the USA, a doggie on walkabout in Aussie, some conference links and of course the odd one out.
It may seem a bit premature to wish you all the best for the coming festive season, but come it will and one has to take advantage when one can. So enjoy the break and have some fun.
Remember 1.its never too late to become a Macademic; 2. elearning is here to stay;3. before you get a second life make sure the one you have is working for you; 4. students pay your wages and 5. anything is possible so never say never.
Until the New year dawns.
1. iLumina is
a digital library of sharable undergraduate teaching materials for chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, and computer science. It is designed to quickly and accurately connect users with the educational resources they need. These resources range in type from highly granular objects such as individual images and video clips to entire courses.

2. LoLa is
an exchange for facilitating the sharing of high-quality learning objects. It contains materials for use across the curriculum, with a particular focus on modules for Information Literacy.

3. Alan Levine is wombling around the great Aussie byte (or taking some bytes out of the Aussies) and as usual when he is on the move he leaves a wide trail of useful resource in his path.
Cogdogroo is his latest Web resource and a very useful and valuable resource it is

4. Filemaker Campus productivity download. Not often you get a comprehensive ‘management system’ for free. A nice little package and will probably get you a lot more organised. worth downloading and exploring its capabilities.
Extract from the site:
‘The FileMaker Campus Productivity Kit is a specialized, runtime version of FileMaker Pro with a built-in database that includes 5 integrated modules. It does not require FileMaker Pro to run and works on Windows PCs and Macs.
It’s designed to help you be more productive at school, work and in your community, so you’ll have more time to do the things you’ve only been dreaming about!’

5. Mobile learning: Towards a research Agenda edited by Norbert Pachler.
This is an excellent booklet with some well known names like Diana Luarillard contributing (95 pages) to the content. It is a .pdf download and worth the effort

6. Stephens Lighthouse: What a wealth of information on this blog. You nee to be patient and search through for items that will interest you ( for instance one link will take you to a site with 350+ social networking sites.It’s Amazing! how many sites there are:

The Lighthouse does tend to have a focus on things’library’ however Stephen provides some very useful comment on a whole range of issues associated with learning and teaching and new technologies. Well worth having a wander.

7. The eLearning Guild’s Handbook of e-Learning Strategy This has been recently released and its free to download. Another excellent reosurce form the eLearning Guild.

8. e-Learning systems and technology. This is a whole series of Web pages with some very comprehensive information, guides and tips on e-learning and the technology that support it.

9.Rod’s Pulse Podcast site and National Distance Learning Week in the USA
National Distance Education week is coming up very shortly. Visit the pages to find out more.


Rod has a very interesting blog which is also worth exploring

10 Conferences
10. 1 ASCILITE 2007: Providing Choices for Learners and Learning.
Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.
From 2- 5 December 2007
Preparations are now well advanced. The registration page is now open
Access it from here:

and you can peruse the preliminary programme:

See you in Singapore!

10.2 Early notification so you can organise the finance to enable you to attend:
ALT-C 2008: Rethinking the digital divide
9-11 September 2008, Leeds, UK.
Key dates
Submissions open: 14 December 2007
Submissions close: 28 February 2008
Presenters’ registration deadline: 6 June 2008
Early bird registration deadline: 30 June 2008
Registrations close: 15 August 2008
To sponsor ALT-C 2008 contact Seb Schmoller, Chief Executive of ALT,

To exhibit at ALT-C 2008 contact Hayley Willis, Events Administrator,

Conference site

Information derived from:
“[the] ALT Digest, a fortnightly publication from the Association for
Learning Technology (ALT) –

11. The Odd one out: Artrage. You can download this application for free. You can buy the more advanced version if you wish. It’s been all the rage in Europe for a while (and probably all over the world by now) and is sure to enable you to express your artistic abilities for all your friends (and any foes alike)

Richard Elliott
New Zealand

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