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Hi everyone
October means summer and those nice long evenings to do some extra work on e-learning on this side of the world. So, I have include a number of sites that look at the use of the Web in learning. Also included is the latest excellent publication from JISC, ‘In Their Own Words’ which is all about the users perception of e-learning.
JISCInfonet are at it again and have produced another one of their very useful ‘Infokits’. This time on managing information. There’s some links to common mistakes for Blogs, peer review processes, online learning tips, top 10- 100 learning tools, only one conference and of course the odd one out.
November looms.
1. In Their Own Words: A JISC publication which examines the users perspective of e-learning. This is an excellent resources and well worth reading.
This is a .pdf download


2. Top-7-blog-mistakes-to-avoid: Are these the only mistakes? and can you think of others?


3. Wikieducator: You can join this in initiative which is growing rapidly . It’s purpose
‘The WikiEducator is an evolving community intended for the collaborative:
1. Planning of education projects linked with the development of free content;
2. Development of free content on Wikieducator for e-learning;
3. Work on building open education resources (OERs) on how to create OERs.
4. Networking on funding proposals developed as free content’.


4.Web based Learning: Advantages and Disadvantages: An interesting article worth reading.


5.JISCInfonet: Managing the Information Lifecycle infoKit. Another excellent resource from team at this organisation.
Extract from the site:
‘The Managing the Information Lifecycle infoKit represents the basic underlying principles of good practice regarding information management which are generically applicable regardless of the specific type of information in question. All the other subject-specific strands included within this resource, such as the records management and email management infoKits are an extension and refinement of this basic guidance and should always be read in conjunction with the advice contained within this infoKit’.


6.Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies: TOP 10 TOOLS FOR LEARNING 2007.
Extract from the site:
‘In July and August we are asked learning professionals – consultants, analysts, developers, practitioners, academics, etc, to let us know what their 10 favourite tools were, either for their own personal learning or for creating and delivering learning for others.  109 people responded to our open invitation  and they are shown below together with links to their individual lists’.


You can peruse the Top 100 (derived from the 109 responses) if you want to spend less time


TOP 100 TOOLS FOR LEARNING 2007?Learning Toolbox?(aka Top 100 Tools for Learning – by type of tool)?Finalised: 5 September 2007


7. From the University of Medicine and Dentistry, Center for Teaching Excellence: Career Development Peer Review of Teaching (24 links). Useful guides and pointers to per review.


8.Illinois Online Network: Pointers and Clickers: ION’s Technology Tip of the month.
I remember many years ago (well at least 10) The University of Illinois produced some excellent Web resources. They are still doing it but using a different site. Must be something of interest here for you. Explore the entire site, lots to discover.


There’s also a useful page on learning styles and the online environment:


OR Strengths and weaknesses of online learning


9. Conferences
ASCILITE 2007: Providing Choices for Learners and Learning.


For the first time ASCILITE is to be held at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.
This is one of Singapore’s largest educational institutes and has a very impressive campus. The campus has excellent resources and personnel and I am sure they will be great hosts. Don’t miss it.
From 2- 5 December 2007


10. Odd one out
For some light relief: Unexplained mysteries. There’s a whole range of subjects to explore here and some are quite fascinating and sure to get you thinking.


Until November.
Richard Elliott
New Zealand

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