April Sites and meanderings

Hi everyone
well March.. it did very quickly … and now here we are into April already and the sun is still shining 🙂 at least in Auckland. A mixed bag again today with some sort of focus on sites with a range of like resources. A one stop shop approach which makes for easy access and return, plus some free stuff, AND my first venture into the region of the Blog (with expert help from my colleagues) Learntec Forum now has its own Blog so no excuse for filing the email away for the later date that never materialises… you can now bookmark a place to link from.
On a separate note I see that James Dalziel is having some success with the trial of LAMS


in the UK and waiting for some results to develop from the New Zealand launch. His LAMS development has a lot of potential and well worth evaluating. I did inform James that for the New Zealand launch, he really needed a companion application for LAMS and suggested DOGS (Digital Object Generating System) and to complete the package and ensure containment of the development, FENCES (Further Education Nurturing Computing Evaluation Software)… could be successfully farmed out to higher education……… however…. enough of the acronymious diversion…. onto to the real world…
1. Now here’s a neat idea from some Kiwi enthusiasts, a development site for Moodle in Schools with the cute name of ‘Schoodle’
Check it out and create a presence. Might give you an idea to create a Moodle cluster for other areas of education? or maybe a quiz site called Cloodle?


2. It would seem that more and more sites are acting as subject resources and I think this is a good move. It means you are getting some good ‘one stop shop’ links to areas of particular interest
The Videoconferencing Guide on Thinkofit is a good example of links to a wide range of resources and lots of them


3. Low threshold application number 45: Using Digitized Recordings to Respond to Student Writing
An excerpt from the site describing the latest LTA
“In five minutes of recorded response, a professor can supply the equivalent of 2.5 pages of double-spaced typewritten commentary.
Thus, the recorded response can be more expansive, more detailed, and more explanatory.
It is possible to focus remarks on specific passages or on the entire paper. It is also possible to reflect on a student’s progress by comparing the current work with previous work.
Students perceive the digitized comments to be more convenient, more personal, and often clearer”.


4. Need help with your maths? or want resources for your students to experiment with? There are lots of sites on the web and below are a couple you might find useful
This has some very good explanations and examples of Algebra


I particularly liked the way this one has been set up. It uses some nice animation to assist with developing understanding of concepts and for visual test/ explanations


This one uses Java applets, is very comprehensive and you can play with the various applets on the website. Students will appreciate this stuff!


5. This site provides a number of resources ( lots of it free or open source) in the area of IT training which can be downloaded and used for non commercial purposes. Some useful stuff here. I had a good look under multimedia/audio and found some interesting materials for student resources


6. The ‘E-learning Domain’ is a very comprehensive cluster of pages related to all things e-learning. It has some excellent resources and links. As I am exploring issues of pedagogy and e-learning, the links on the
site provided me with some new information and resources. Check it out


7. In case you have lost the links in previous Learntec Forum postings, you can now access the LT Forum Blog which is a work in progress.
I hope to get all the previous postings in place (as far back as 1993!…yeah right.. some hope :-)) over the next few months. So for now go and look at the sites you were going to look at .. some time…. when you had time:-)


8. AND the odd one out…. Interested in the Victorians, their life and times? This site is based on a project from the National University of Singapore. It has so much material
embedded in its pages you could spend an whole era exploring…..


That’s it this time around:-)

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