March hares on in accompanied by some elearning goodies

Hi everyone
Firstly, apologies for and corrupted link in the last posting, not only corrupted but out of date:-( Suffice to say if you want to know what Alan Levine has to say one of the best places to get the high and lowdown on things ‘e’ learning and digital tools link to

I have extolled the virtues of using audio in education for years and with the recent advent of podcasting at last educators are beginning to exploit the potential of a much underused application/resource. In this context Alan Levine again comes to the fore (or is it five?).
If you only manage to peruse the extensive links and excellent resources that Alan produced for a very recent demo/workshop you will not only be better informed but one would hope, raring to go and provide your students with an even richer learning experience :-).
Another link provided by Alan is to a site which talks about nothing but Podcasting.
Also include in this posting are links to the definitive ‘blog’ search engine to help you navigate through the roadblogs on the information highway.
According to Technocrati (as at this point in time) there are more than 29.5 million blog sites (no wonder we are getting more blogjams), there’s a link to ODEO for audio recording and info on the site providing resources to produce sites like ODEO.
and the odd one out.
1. Alan Levine’s workshop resources for Podcasting. A huge amount of work has gone into this and it has to be the resource of the month, if not the year:-)

2. A very useful and interesting site dedicated to Podcasting, the how’s, where’s, what’s and whyfores. Extremely well constructed Web resource which will provide rich pickings for those educators who already recognise the power of audio 🙂

3. What’s new in e-learning? You can find out what the latest is by paying frequent cybervisit to Jane Nights e-learning Centre. We have been here before but it never hurts to revisit an excellent resource which keeps itself up to date.
Extract from the site
“In the e-Learning Centre’s Information area you will find a large collection of selected and reviewed links to e-learning resources”.
very extensive they are indeed!

4.Search 29.5 million blogs for the latest on ‘whatever lights your fuse’!:

5. Odeo is a creative way to record and share audio—and it’s free.

6. For the techies amongst you, this site provides information and applications for developing your own Web based resources like ODEO

7. AND don’t forget to keep an eye on the exciting developments for ALT-C 2006. Submissions have exceeded all expectations. This is going to be the biggest and best yet 🙂

8. Odd one out: Learning Technologies timeline
Extract from site:
“This timeline was created by University of Illinois students enrolled in courses on New Literacies, Literacy in the Information Age, Learning Technologies, or Computer Assisted Instruction. Each entry has a link to a student-created web page providing more details about the event; in some cases the page describes a sequence of events leading up to or following from the cited event”.
Fascinating stuff from the very early days to what might happen in the future …

Until the next time

Richard Elliott
Director, E-learning Watch
‘Learning in the Driver’s seat, Technology turning the wheels’
Member of the Programme Committee for ALT-C 2006

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