A very unusual year is coming to an end. There have been many challenges faced in the world of learning, not the least of which has been the ‘explosion’ in the use of online learning at all levels.

Lessons will be learnt, not only by the students but by those who strive to ensure that students are supported and provided with the best resources to enable them to learn their way.Online learning is a significant dimension in the world of the student.

Most(if not all) of the resources linked below are aimed at ensuring the student is at the centre of the learning environment surrounded by tools and resources to help them on their journey to success.

Students need to be aware that they will always be responsible for their own learning (Heutagogy personified). However, they need the help of those who know how to use digital technologies to make a difference to the learning and teaching processing and hence successful learning outcomes.

Good luck with your endeavours and I hope you have time to enjoy the festive season and reflect on a job well done in an ever changing educational  environment.

As an aside, the garden is producing lots of Leeks, Beetroot, Lettuces, Spinach and Carrots with Cucumbers, Tomatoes and Beans maturing nicely in time for Christmas. My neighbour is pleased that she knows where to go if she is in need of a Leek (mmmm)

Take care, stay safe

1. The 8th issue of the International Journal for Students as Partners (IJSaP) is available from https://mulpress.mcmaster.ca/ijsap/issue/view/385

In this issue you will find 15 manuscripts – 1 editorial, 4 research articles, 5 case studies, 2 reflective essays, 2 opinion pieces and 1 review. Together these contributions have been written by 23 faculty/staff and 22 students from Australia, Canada, China (Hong Kong), China (Mainland), Malaysia, Ireland, UK, and US.

2. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology:

An issue has been published.

Link: https://ajet.org.au/index.php/AJET/issue/current

3. Digital pedagogy toolkit

Helping academics to make informed choices when embedding digital into the curriculum.

Another excellent resource from the JISC stable


4a.Teaching staff digital experience insights survey 2020: UK further education findings


4b.Teaching staff digital experience insights survey 2020: UK higher education findings


You can download the full reports from each site. Worth perusing and digesting the valuable insights which will highly likely resonate with your own situation.

5. S.T.E.M cells and S.T.E.A.M (Punk):

Anyone who indulges in the study of the human body will know that Stem Cells are the building blocks of the body structure and function.. As such, their differential metamorphosis into the various organs and supporting structures is critical to effective and efficient growth and development.

Likewise, the adoption  and application of S.T.E.M and S.T.E.A.M cells to the learning environment is critical for student learning, ensuring continual growth in knowledge through the development of skills, such as problem solving and critical thinking, and understanding of concepts, theories and practices.

What is STEAM Education, is a good place to start:

STEAM Education is an approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.



NOTE; Details are given of various conferences in the pipeline. As a consequence of the Corona Virus , it is highly likely some will be cancelled or move online.

6.0.  7th International Conference Mobile Learning 2021

3 – 5 March 2021, Virtual


6.1 8th International Conference on Educational Technologies 2021, Virtual, 3 – 5 March 2021:


* Important: Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, this conference will be held online via Zoom.

Best wishes for a productive and happy(Covid free) Festive season and  New Year🎄🎅🏖



Richard Elliott

The Eternal Macademic


New Zealand

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