Last for the Year

Hi everyone
well its that time of the year again and just so you have something to do before you take off for wherever….. a few links for your edification and amusement
1. The world’s biggest library online?
2. How to read an assignment. Although very much for the USA this Website has some very useful gems that can be adopted/adapted or your own student
and this one
complements the one above
3. Revisit: WeEd has recently had an overhaul… well worth exploring for things e-learning
4. A new initiative from Macquarie Uni for customisable accessibility Services with some useful links to tools and reference
5. Badrul Khan has been involved with and contributed to e-learning almost since it was called that 😉 He has recently produced a paper entitled(short version) ‘The e-learning P3 model’ in the September-October 2004 Issue of Educational Technology, Volume 44, Number 5, Pages 33-40
It’s a pdf download from
Well worth the read if you haven’t already seen it
6. The odd one out
I have always been a fan of Ashleigh Brilliant and have used some of his ‘Pot Shots ‘ on several occasions (suitably acknowledged of course).If you don’t know who he is and/or you search for the occasional pithy one-liner, search no more
go to the web site with an unusual name and laugh at your leisure
(which some may not have if marking is still in the offing:-( )
Ashleigh is amongst them and ‘famous last words’ is very sobering….
Learntec will start again sometime in February. Thanks for your company and feedback throughout 2004, together we make a worthwhile difference to student ( e) learning 🙂
Have a pleasant and relaxing Christmas and New Year.

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