November Issue

Hi everyone
well… pleased to report it’s not actually raining in Auckland today….and the wrong horse won the Melbourne Cup ;-( However.. the links today should brighten your day.. Some really good stuff from Alan Levine as work in progress links, a revisit of the TLTGroup low tech applications, Moodle on the rise, online learning activities to motivate the learners and some ways to keep healthy.
Have a pleasant day
1. Alan Levine from the Maricopa Community Colleges Group in Phoenix Arizona is currently a visiting educator at Unitec. He has been running some excellent workshops for Unitec staff. We have agreed that the resources that have been generated for the workshops should be made available to any educator interested in exploring some new tools for learning. Alan has covered Wikis (how about a kiwiki?) e-portfolios , learning objects, the web as a learning tool and hybrid courses so far.
The site will grow as the workshops are completed .
So, go to:
and follow the links
2. The TLTGroup have been developing their ‘ Low Technology Applications’ for some time . If you haven’t seen the site before it’s well worth a visit to explore some of the simpler technological solutions for creating resources for teaching and learning
3. Moodle is a relatively new kid on the block where learning management systems are concerned. It is classed as ‘ open source’ as has begun to develop a community of users world wide. It does have some potential and whether it will need more or less support than commercial systems or work out costing as much or more remains to be seen According to Stanley Frielick, Director Moodle NZ, ” it is rapidly becoming a serious contender to commercial systems such as WebCT and Blackboard, due to its ease of use and ability to cater for a range of educational approaches and learning preferences”
You can decide for yourself by attending the NZ Moodle conference
4. CELT (Centre for Advanced Learning and Teaching) in Hong Kong has and is producing some excellent resources for online learning . This site provides models and learning activities to promote active on-line learning
5. And finally the odd one out
Keep healthy… it’s all down to you 🙂
that’s it for today

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