elearningWatch December 2013

well the year is drawing to a close and its been a pretty busy one. I’m looking forward to some R&R and the opportunity to to tickle the cucumbers and chat to the beans:-).
The past month I’ve been looking at micro-credentialing and associated mass customisation of courses and resources. All very interesting.
As we have MOOC’s, LAMS, and DOGS I thought FOALS (Flexible Open Access Learning System) would be appropriate for micro-credentialing. Joking aside, there is a lot of potential for micro- credentialling to provide people with the opportunity to build their qualifications the way they want to and in keeping with actual workplace requirements.
In this posting there are links to lesson plans,creativity tools, stuff on iPads,OER, Guidebook for instructors,managing course information, teaching goals tool for you,cell animation,mapping media, Google Apps, Conferences and the odd one out.
I wish you all the best for the festive season and a Happy New Year:-)
elearningWatch will return in February 2014
1.Educade: Find, create and share lesson plans and teaching tools to empower your classroom.
The materials on this site seem to go on forever. They cover a very wide range of subject disciplines and provide some excellent resources for lesson plans and teaching tools for different platforms. Just explore on’RE-WRITE AND PERFORM A SONNET WITH THE SONNETS BY WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE’ to get a taste of what rich resources are available and all FREE. You can also contribute to the mix.


2. 10 iPad Features Every iPad Owner Should Know. A useful overview for those new to using iPads.


Another very useful App for the iPad is:
Our Story for iPad By The Open University. It’s FREE and getting some really good reviews.


3. Get Creative with Dipity, Prezi, and Powtoon. An interesting overview with some ideas and suggestions for helping students to use their creativity in developing and producing project based learning assignments.


Have a look at the Arts Education resources whilst you are here. Some great resources.


4.Edutopia: Open Educational Resources (OER): Resource Roundup.
An educator’s guide to open educational resources (OER), including online repositories, curriculum-sharing websites, sources for lesson plans and activities, and open textbooks.
Useful resource.


5. The GSI[Graduate Student Instructor] Guidebook from University of Michigan.
A very useful and interesting set of resources from various sources. Aimed at the Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) it is equally useful I think for academics looking for a range of strategies and resources for teaching.
The bottom of the first page enables access to other pages of the ‘book’.


6.Teaching Goals Inventory
As its the end of the year, do a quick assessment of any of your course and what you think you actually did.


7.JISC infoNET latest offering: Managing Course information. As usual, this is a well crafted and comprehensive resource based on sound evidence based practice. LOts of useful information.Worth perusing.


8. Mapping Media to the Common Core by Wesley Fryer.
Extract from the site:
‘Mapping Media to the Common Core is an ebook series and website created by Dr. Wesley Fryer to serve as a menu, handbook, and map for teacher-leaders and learners in the twenty-first century who seek to develop digital literacies as multimedia communicators.’
You can buy the e-book and use the massive range of useful resources on the associated Website. Great stuff!


9. Presenter resources from an Iowa Mini Summit on Google Apps for Education.
Get some good ideas and guides from real practitioners using Google Apps in innovative and inspiring ways.


10.Virtual Cell Animation Collection. An excellent collection of resources for the biology tutor. Some extremely clear animations of various cell processes. I wish they had been around when I was doing Biology!
Extract from the site:
‘This collection has been developed to introduce students to new concepts. By walking through the still images and movie included for each topic, viewers are in control of choosing the learning style that best fits their needs’.


11. Conferences
11.1 ascilite 2013
The 30th ascilite conference . This year it will be held at Macquarie University on the 1st – 4th December
For more details and to keep in touch go to:


2014 will be in DUNEDIN New Zealand! What a place to be at!!
11.2 Advanced notice: altc2014: Riding Giants: How to innovate and educate ahead of the wave
The 21st annual conference of the Association for Learning Technology 1-3 September 2014, Warwick, UK
Put the date in your diary. More details to follow soon.
Download a Flyer from:


12. Odd one out: Off the map winners. This site provides short videos of the finalists and the winner of the ‘Off the Map’ 2013 competition. Pudding Lane productions[ Students from De Montfort University in the UK] won and it’s worth having a look at what they produced. Amazing!


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